Organizing your trip

Another very common question is how to get started when it comes to actually organizing a trip to Bhutan. Believe when I say that it is much easier than most people think. In fact, the only thing that you need is to contact a tour operator and they will do everything for you.

As I explain on the post about the tourism policy in Bhutan, the focus for the country is on maximizing the positive impacts of tourism and offering a product of quality. For that reason all trips to Bhutan are as “all-inclusive” packages arrange by a tour operator. The operator will also prepare your visa and book your Druk Air flights if you come by air, or help you arranging the road transfer if you come by land from India. As simple as that.

There are two things which are important to clarify. The first is that according to the regulations of the country full payment of the trip is compulsory in order for the tour operator to obtain your visa. The second very important remark is that when you pay your tour, your money actually goes to a government account which will hold the payment until your trip has finished. This is seen as a quality check and to guarantee you that your trip is a success. Only after you leave Bhutan your money is then transferred to the tour operator.

Still have some questions or doubts? Just drop me a mail ( and I will give you some more tips… always happy to help.


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