Snow Leopard in Bhutan

The great biodiversity of Bhutan is unquestionable and in a previous post I added some pictures of some of the most representative species present in this Kingdom. This week there has been new developments on the protection of one of the most stunning animals in Bhutan: the snow leopard.

Snow leopards are one of least known and elusive cats in the world. Bhutan is one of the 12 countries in Asia that harbor Snow leopard population in its natural habitat. Pictorial evidences recorded in 2012 by WWF show that snow leopards are thriving in Bhutan, and tourists often report seeing it while trekking the famous Jomolhari Trek or the more challenging Snowman trek, both of them in the north of Bhutan.

On 23rd October government leaders of all 12 snow leopard range countries have adopted the Bishkek Declaration on the Conservation of the Snow Leopard. The goals of this declaration include an evaluation of the current status of key snow leopard populations and habitats, intensify scientific research and conservation efforts and increase bilateral and regional cooperation for snow leopard conservation in transboundary landscapes. Great news for this magnificent cat!

(If you want to know more about the Bhutan and how to travel there do not hesitate to send me a mail!)

Snow leopard


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